Rhythm Trek 2012

Just finished a fantastic week at our summer day camp. With the help of volunteers: Carleton Music student Dave Dore; Baobab Youth members Augusta Monet, Emily Klein and Ioyan Manser-Goveas, fourteen young people ranging in age from 7-13 enjoyed an intense week of Ghanaian stick drumming, hand drumming, singing & dancing with myself and Dominic Donkor, outdoor play, swimming, Ghanaian art project with Maureen Clarke and a Ghanaian lunch provided by Rory Magill. It was a fantastic time that culminated in a short performance for parents. See below for some of our fun!

Special thanks to the Rotary Club and the Education Foundation for their support in providing several subsidized spots in the camp.

See a short video of the performance here!



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  1. Germaine Gilbert says:

    Dear Kathy Armstrong,
    Well, I was just thoroughly entertained by a group of young people who should be given a medal for their arduous work, dedication and amazing and spirited performance. Gahu, Eh! was a very creative, artistic and well-formulated Concert and I smiled throughout its entirety. It was absolutely wonderful! You are an amazing woman, artiste, and director, and I congratulate you on your achievement in bringing West African Ghanaian drumming and dance to Carleton and the Ottawa community. The performance by Mr. Nani Agbeli, your special guest artist, was riveting to say the least! He is an accomplished and astounding drummer and dancer! The young people did a most marvelous routine. It was a delight to watch them perform the intricate movements that are so characteristic of West African dance, and they were enjoying themselves! It was lovely to see so many young male dancers participating. Bravo! Congratulations on a job well done! And a million thanks to Mr. Agbeli for gracing us with his presence, expertise and creativity! And, also, many thanks to all those who had a hand in bringing this about with you. Kudos to Carleton U.

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