Rhythm Trek 2014

Camp groupAn amazing week despite the rain…full of drumming, dancing, singing, food and Ghana day-name art! The kids learned two pieces, Gahu and Kpatsa with Dominic and myself and really worked hard to pull all the elements together. We had great help from assistant camp director Meaghan  and fantastic volunteers Emily, Samantha and Rory. We could not have done it without you! Final food day Friday was a blast with Dongo Rory and Fanta in the bottle gave the traditional food the final Ghana touch. On Thursday we all went to the City of Ottawa Summer Arts Festival in Bellevue Park and performed some of our pieces for kids in City camps. Here are a few pics…

Camp 1Camp9Cam10Camp3Camp5Camp 4Camp7Camp8 Meaghan and SamCamp11Camp12Camp14camp16 Camp17Camp18Camp19Camp20Camp21Camp23Performance2performance 1

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