Dagbamete Primary School

Odai, Kwasi’s grandson, found us in the village because he heard that three of us were teachers and wondered if we would be interested in visiting the local school. On Monday afternoon, he walked us over and introduced us to the headmaster and a few of the teachers on staff. The headmaster greeted us warmly and gave us some friendly lessons on protocol. He asked us about the curriculum and teacher preparation in Canada and we inquired about the same here in Ghana. The school has 300 students in KG (kindergarten), six levels of primary, and three levels of junior high and serves many of the local villages. All Ghanaian students are doing review this week in preparation for next week’s exams.

In May, the school was severely damaged by a violent storm, forcing them to close half of the primary school. As a result, the children were forced to relocate into an adjacent half-finished building and continue lessons in the open air. Despite this and the spare classroom resources that they have to access to, we found more similarities than differences between the two education systems in terms of student learning.

The headmaster introduced us to the primary 5 teacher, who allowed us to sit in on a math lesson. After such a positive experience, we were invited to return as frequently as we wished. On Tuesday afternoon, we went back to observe a primary 6 science lesson as well. Definitely time well spent!

Kerry, Michelle, and Ann

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