Group Thoughts on Yiri to Dagbamete

I asked my fellow travellers for one memorable moment or observation from the 4-hour drive from the Yiri Lodge in Accra to Dagbamete. Here is a collection of highlights:

  • “Stopping on the side of the road to pick up food for lunch”
  • “People that we had never met before were so welcoming at the market”
  • “Every time we stopped or slowed down, people would come to the van to try to sell us something”
  • “When we stopped, a boy tried to give me a high five and got me in the wrist”
  • “Walking across the bridge” (over the Volta)
  • “The cute kid by the fruit stand”
  • “Singing in the van”
  • “Termite mounds in the fields”
  • “The delicious bread, fresh mango, pineapple, and avocadoes we had for lunch”
  • “The people who were curious about us”
  • “People on the side of the road who had things balanced on their heads”
  • “The speed at which we were travelling.”
  • “I will never be afraid to fly again.”
  • “The varied and interesting road signs”
  • “I would knit and Carol would wind the wool to avoid looking at the road”
  • “The abandoned or partially complete construction sites”
  • “The persistent and seemingly random honking”
  • “A Please Do Not Corrupt Police sign”
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