Kakum Rainforest Canopy Walk

In the middle of the trip, Kathy had arranged for us to travel to Cape Coast for around three days. While we were there we had a very busy and exciting day, where we had the opportunity to visit the Elmina slave castle and the Kakum rainforest’s canopy walk. I chose out of the two, to write about the rainforest walk.

As we drove along the very bumpy dirt road, we noticed that it starred to drizzle. We thought we would be experiencing the rain part of the rainforest but luckily for us it didn’t pour while we were on the walk. The Rainforest canopy walk consists of a couple different trails, and around 7 different rope bridges, all made by a group of Canadian and Ghanaian climbers.

We walked up a steep stone path with our guide, through giant clumps of bamboo and massive trees that were as tall as three or more story buildings. We walked through twisted vines and acres and acres of greenery and wildlife, all the while listening to hundreds of different bird calls and other rustling sounds. It made us feel like we were in a whole different world. In some ways we were.

When we got to the hill at the top of the stone walkway there was a sort of tall wooden hut. Following our guide we walked up the stairs. At the top of the structure was the start of the bridges. We got a small pep talk from our tour guide and then he sent us across. It was wonderful. I was scared at first; I think we all were, then I looked around. We could see for miles. Everything was so lush and green, and when you look down you were staring into the vast rainforest full of millions and millions of trees, small and big.

The bridge swayed a little as we walked which startled everyone. The bridges are made of thick heavy metal rods stretching along their length and ropes to hold on to as you walk along the single plank of wood meant as a walkway.

By the time everyone had gotten off the last bridge on to the stone path, nearly everyone wanted to do the walk again, but we didn’t get the opportunity to. When we reached the parking lot and gift shops, most people’s cameras had about 100 new pictures of the wonderful canopy walk. In the end I don’t think any of us could forget such a wonderful experience.

– Lydia

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