Rhythm Trek Camp…fun fact!

The phrase “fun fact” was a recurring theme throughout our recent summer drum camp. Kids have a way of picking something up and through repetition and twists and turns, having it morph into some kind of inside joke . This week there were lots of “fun facts” about Ghana, communicated by three Baobab Youth members who shared with the campers some interesting experiences from their recent Ghana trip in July. Volunteers Quinn, and Rory, along with Donovan, held the group spellbound with descriptions of food, money, village life and games. Another “fun fact” was that this year we had a co-director for Camp, none other than Dalton Holloway a Baobab Youth alumnus, who was on the very first “Footsteps to Ghana” trip in 2001, and is featured in our documentary of the same name. Also grateful to our third volunteer Ethan, arts & crafts leader Iris, and Rory Magill for his awesome cooking skills for our final celebration! Dominic Donkor and Kathy Armstrong led the drumming and dancing, and the large camp group of 19 plus staff, played a fantastic open house at the end of the week, featuring the music and dance of Kinka, and Fume Fume. A really exceptional group this year!


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