Giving Tuesday

Did You know?

Over its twenty-year history, Baobab has quietly offered subsidized spots in our programming, so that children and youth who may not have the financial means can participate in our classes, camp and performing group. Most years the cost to us is approximately $5000, and we rely on donations to fund this. Some of these young people have stayed with us for several years, in fact two of our subsidized students recently went to Ghana with the youth group this past July, due to some generous donations in the community. Our subsidized participants are making outstanding contributions at Baobab, as well as in their local community. Investing in students like this is exactly the goal for our program, as it feeds back positively into the Ottawa community. The students we subsidize are identified based on their need for economic assistance in order to participate in these kinds of activities, as well as their interest and potential engagement. This is our philosophy of outreach….bringing students together who may not otherwise connect with each other.

“Drumming makes me feel tingly inside and it makes me feel energetic and excited. It also makes me feel happy!” –participant age 9

“I liked the whole experience- the exposure to different culture, musicality, friendship and the requirement for working together.” -Parent

Please consider becoming a donor to help us with these costs. Donations can me made easily through Canada Helps  or by contacting us directly at (613)729-0987.

You can also designate Baobab Tree as your United Way Campaign recipient (all you need is our charity number 86158 7095 RR0001)

Our annual Fall Donor Campaign is well underway, with a particular focus on Giving Tuesday November 28th. Thank you for your support! 

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