Share Our Light

Baobab Youth performed yesterday for‘s special event :”Share Our Light” which provided an opportunity for like minded NGOs to come together with young artists and promote sustainable development goals. We met many friends there from our community, including Youth Ottawa, CanUgan, Ethiopiaid, GRAN, Engineers without Borders (Canada) and Help Lesotho. A very inspiring speech by Catherine McKenna,  Federal Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, underscored the connection between poverty, disease, climate change and economic issues. That is the core message of She also highlighted the valuable contribution the arts can make in getting the message out to people. So true!  We were proud to be part of that event!

We were also proud of all of our new members of Baobab Youth, some quite young who performed their first gig with us! Supported and mentored by our older youth in the group, it was a great showing of four of our pieces: Tokwoe, Bell Forest, Nagla and Gahu.

Thanks to parents for helping at the gig in many ways, including taking a lot of these photos.

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