Rhythm Trek 2019

It is with mixed feelings I write about the last Rhythm Trek camp for Baobab. Our first camp was about 2007, well into our history (Baobab was founded in 1995). Here are a few photos from the first few camps.

These camps have been a tremendous amount of work, but also SO rewarding…offering ways to learn new repertoire, recruit new members to our yearly programs, provide mentoring opportunities for our older students, give context to the music through art projects, traditional Ghanaian food celebration and just drum, dance and sing for HOURS on end. That is something we rarely have time for in our busy North American lives. Thank you to all who have contributed over the years: Rory, Gaelen, Maureen, Natalie, Eloise, Dominic, Prosper, Nani, Dalton, Dave, Nadine, parents, friends, and student volunteers. You have made this a unique and powerful experience for so many young people.

Today we had our open house (after a fabulous Ghanaian lunch) and performed four wonderful pieces; “Pete Pete”, an excerpt from “Adzogbo”, the Zulu “Thula Klizeo” and the drumming, dancing and singing of “Bobobo”. What a great crew!

We also paid tribute to our wonderful volunteers: Dave, board member and alum from the VERY early years, Donovan and Kieran, Baobab Youth members who volunteered for the first time this week! And the amazing Quinn, who marked this week as her 10th camp!!! Started a as camper and moved seamlessly into mentoring the young ones. Quinn, Donovan and Kieran are all in the youth performers and bring their leadership to that group. They worked so hard this week, and we are so proud of them!

Here are a few more pics from this fantastic week. Thank you to all our donors who made this opportunity possible for our subsidized students. My heart is full….now on to the 25th & farewell season. -Kathy

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