Dance Party! Celebrating 25 years!

What an fantastic time we all had on Saturday night, at Highlife Time! We started the evening off with a tribute to our longtime graphic designer, John Sekerka. His unique posters for our events over the last 25 years were all beautifully displayed around the gorgeous room at St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts. Collages and individual posters were sold during the evening, and proceeds will go towards a Baobab legacy film project. Many thanks to Board member Kerry Gogush Cule and team who worked so hard to put this part of the evening together! It all looked amazing!

Board Member & MC Dalton Holloway welcomed the capacity crowd to the space, and asked for a show of hands as to who was alumnae, former parents, board members etc. And there was a large sea of hands! So wonderful that so many friends and former Baobab & Akpokli members were with us. A traditional set by Baobab Youth kicked off the show, and was bumped up a notch by our wonderful guests Dominic Donkor and Prosper Adjetey! Pieces included Gota, Fume Fume, and Kpatsa. I had a great time joining Prosper and the dancers for Kpatsa! Dave Hennessy & Ari wowed the crowd with their Kitikpo routine, followed by our senior members in a playful Hatsiatsia. Two E.T Mensah highlife tunes ended the first set, where the youth were joined by horns and guitars form Carleton U Music, as well as the incredible Kofi Ackah and his band, Quando Harrison, Kobby Dolly & Wagner Pierre Pembe. We put a traditional Kpanlogo in the middle, leading into the groovy Mee Bei Obaba.

The dancing was just beginning, and in the second half, the temperature rose even more with a wicked highlife set featuring songs by the late Jewel Ackah, played with incredible energy and groove by Kofi Ackah and band, with Carleton Music Students, and Prosper & Dominic. Many members of the Ghanaian community in Ottawa were in attendance, dancing and singing along to all the familiar lyrics! So much fun was had!

Thank you to all who made this event such a success!

The Awesome Baobab Board of Directors: Evie Gray (chair), Kerry Gogush Cule, Dave Hennessy, Dalton Holloway, Nadine Powers, Cathy Sandiford

Hayley de Bie • Rory Magill • Petr Cancura John Rosefield • Mike GiambardinoDave’s Drum Shop • Carleton University SSAC MusicSekerka Design • Merge Print and DesignFrançois Desrochers • Marc Lepage • Ken HoffmanJane MacDonaldCity of Ottawa Cultural Funding • Ottawa Community FoundationTonight’s volunteers • Our generous donors over the years!

See you on June 6 for our final concert with Kwasi Dunyo and Ottawa Choirs!

All these awesome photos courtesy of Marc Lepage! You can find him at :

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