Baobab @ RCMP

Fume Fume in action!

On February 12, Baobab Youth, along with Dominic Donkor and Prosper Adjetey performed at the RCMP National Headquarters, as part of their Black History month celebrations. A lot of preparation went into security planning and rehearsals a few weeks before the event. Final rehearsing took place on site, where we went over some last minute details with Prosper and Dominic who had come in from Montreal for the day. While we waited for the gig to begin, we spent time in a lovely meeting room, complete with security detail outside. During that time we were presented with several special gifts: some beautiful pins with the new RCMP insignia on them, waterbottles, and a very nice Certificate of Appreciation. The concert took place in the magnificent atrium of the building. People gathered around as well as looked down from their office windows. We played a few pieces that reflected the range of our repertoire. Fume Fume was a particular hit! Afterwards, one of the parents treated the youth to a box of Timbits from the onsite Tim Horton’s , which were also a big hit! Here are a few photos from the event. We did not take any of these, as our phones were not allowed in the building! Sorry no photo credit was given, but there are a few nice ones. Thanks to everyone who helped out that day!

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