THANK YOU to everyone who has generously donated to us over the years, supporting our local and intercultural arts programming.

We are not currently soliciting any donations.


General Baobab Community Donor Campaign:We are grateful to the following recent donors for their recent generosity:
$2000 +
Anonymous (through the Ottawa Community Foundation)
Tim and Evie Gray
Alison Clegg
Diana Magill
Lois McGrath
Nadine Powers
Evie Gray
Wilbur Family
Deborah Cowley
Dianne Dearlove
Peter Shipton
Kerry Gogush Cule
United Way Donors
Margot & Brian Cameron
Bronwen Dearlove
Elise Holloway
Elizabeth Mitchell
Lynn Rainboth
Nancy Porteous
Stephen Skoutajan, in memory of Robin Engelman
Claire Thompson
Scott Warren
Marion Laffradi
Anna Marie Muise
Roy Rump & Sons
Heather Smith Fowler
Elise Holloway
Christine Tibelius
Cristel Woodward
In Kind Donations
Bridgehead Coffeehouse
Ian Brown
Doug & Mickey Fogerty
Dave Hennessy
Jeff Larriviere
Danna Leaman
Red Apron
Laurie Rogers & Family
Sue Wakeling
Ann & Warren Waters