Footsteps to Ghana 2017 Donations

Akpesia! To the many individuals and businesses who have supported the Footsteps to Ghana 2017 campaign with donations of funds, school & sports supplies. Their generosity, enthusiasm and goodwill towards this project will make a difference in many lives! Please see the list below:


Cathy Sandiford
Claire Thompson

Elda Allen
Dianne Conrod & Drew Macdonald
Fiona Hill & Mark Blackburn
Jennifer Jager & Rick Cottingham
Anne & Geoff Holland
Lynn Rainboth
Suzanne Schriek
Christel Woodward

In-Kind Donations
Cecilia Alperin
Maggie Archibald
Tina Asdrubolini
Baobab Families
Sarah Biard-MacNeil
Karlis Bouse
Dianne Conrod
Kristin Dawson
Hayley de Bie
Andrea Dorval
Douvris Westboro Community
David Hennessy
Doug MacGregor
Holly Pearce
Tom Spence
Siobhan Stewart
Henretta Veerman
Water Mart
Woodroffe Public School