Our 25th Anniversary Virtual Gahu! Made with love by some of our Baobab and Akpokli  alumni, and featuring the hidden track on our first CD “Footsteps to Ghana”  Enjoy! August 2020

A teaching video for the movement of Ghana Alleluia, based on the Ewe Bobobo traditions of Ghana. Taught by Kathy Armstrong to members of the Baobab Community summer camp, 2019.


 Baobab Youth perform at the Candlelight labyrinth walk at McKellar Park, Ottawa September 2014. Labyrinth hosted by Barbara Brown, event sponsored by McKellar Park Community Association. Video thanks to Rory Magill.
On Friday November 23rd, 2012, in the Kailash Mital Theatre at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), Baobab Community ( and the Carleton Music Department ( presented the joint concert GAHU, EH!, featuring the Baobab Youth Performers and the Carleton Music West African Rhythm Ensemble (WARE), directed by Kathy Armstrong and with special guest artist Nani Agbeli. This video is the full concert, filmed by Chris Thompson.
Tokwoe (Carleton & Baobab with Nani) – 1m10s
Bell Forest (Baobab) – 16m50s
Bobobo (Carleton) – 23m10s
“2-4” (Baobab) / Thula Klizeo (Carleton) – 32m15s
Danse Guerriere (Baobab) – 36m50s
Adzogbo Elen (Nani Agbeli solo) – 43m30s
Hatsiatsia (Baobab) – 56m05s
Gahu (Carleton & Baobab with Nani) – 1h01m30s

Baobab Youth perform at Black Sheep Inn June 3, 2012. Filmed in HD by Chris Thompson THANK YOU!

Takai 00,  Tokwoe 11:50, Hatsiatsia 21:00, Kpanlogo 23:30, Danse Gerriere 33:00, Atsiagbekor 39:30, Gahu 55:00, Audience jam with surprise guest Nani Agbeli 105:30

Members of Baobab Youth perform at Ottawa Race weekend May 27, 2012, Thanks to parent Derek Johnston for the video!

Baobab Youth performs Kpanlogo at the Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield Quebec;  May 2010.

Baobab Youth Performers rehearsing Kpanlogo in 2010.

Footsteps to Ghana…a short HD film generously shot by Chris Thomson, and generously edited by Marcus Chase in April 2011.

A short version of Rhythm Trek Camp 2012 Kpanlogo, filmed by Iris Magill